Locker Valet For Businesses


For Employers and Property Managers:

Provide your tenants and associates with an amenity that will set you apart from your competition…24/7, on-site, concierge dry cleaning and laundry service.

  •     Zero Start-up or Overhead Costs


  •     Zero Customer Service Required


  •     Zero Construction Costs


  •     Zero Maintenance Costs


  •     Free Installation


  •     Maximization of Free Space


The System Can be Installed In:

  •     Lobby Area or Postal Rooms


  •     Hallways


  •     Parking Garages or Recreation Area


  •     Near Elevator Banks

How it Works:

How your associates, or residents, join:


How much does it cost?

It is FREE to join the Locker Valet program.  Additionally, all Locker Valet members will receive special offers and other discounts.

I dropped my items off, how do I pay for it?

Once you join, all orders will be automatically processed with your credit card on file.

How do I change my credit card info?

You can manage your account preferences by logging into your account here: Login.

What if I am going out of town or cannot pick my laundry up right away?

All orders will be stored in the locker for one week. After one week, any order(s) can be picked up at the store.

When will my cleaned item(s) be returned back to me?

Any laundered or dry cleaned item(s) dropped off before 9am will be returned back to you usually within 2 business days. (Excluding Saturdays & Sundays.)

What if I need faster service?

Please visit any Swan Cleaners store during normal business hours for same-day and next-day service.

What's the email address and phone number to send and receive messages?

Text us at (614) 721-8251 (please save in your contacts), or email us at All inquiries will be answered during normal business hours.

What if I forget, or want to change, my 4-digit code?

Please call, text or email and we will respond during normal business hours.

For more information on bringing the Locker Valet to your office, condominium or apartment building, please email us at or call (614) 442-5000.