During this special time of year, we urge you to take advantage of the opportunities you have to spend time with loved ones, have real conversations and enjoy authentic moments.

This is a hectic time. In addition to all of the shopping, gift wrapping and visiting we do, we all spend an inordinate amount of time primping our homes for guests. Often those very same guests leave physical evidence of their visit... a spill on the rug, a stain on the sofa or a scuff on the hardwood floor.

That's why we want to remind you that we are expert at household and decorative fabric care. So, whether you are doing holiday prep or if you've had a holiday mishap, you can call on us.  You can also rely on Swan for the perfect gift for those on your list that are hard to buy for.  Swan gift cards are always a great fit and they never go out of style! Stop in now and receive one free $20 gift card with every $100 in gift cards you purchase (no limit). Scroll down for the special offer.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


Paul Gelpi

& The Swan Cleaners Team