Fabrics & Fashion

AndraGillumIntroducing the all new Swan Cleaners blog – Fabrics and Fashion. Fashion is constantly changing. New styles, new fabrics and new care guidelines are introduced all the time. Keeping up with the facts vs. fiction of fabrics and fashion is tough. Luckily, the Swan Cleaners experts are here to help.

Each month, or sometimes more often, we’ll feature a new hot topic about fabrics and fashion. We’ll keep you in the know on how to best care for your clothes, help them last, and keep you looking great!

Swan Cleaners has been a part of the fabric of Columbus for over 80 years. Back in the 1950s, Helen Jones Ray, the PR Director for Swan wrote a wonderful column for the Columbus Dispatch called Fabric and Folks. Readers loved her insights and stories about how to care for their clothes.

A lot has changed since the 1950s. The internet has transformed the way we get information. But, many things are still the same. We still want to look our best, and make our wardrobe last. Our all new blog, Fabrics and Fashion is the 21st century version of Fabrics and Folks. Same idea – brand new platform!

My name is Andra Gelpi Gillum. I’ll be your blogger. I’ve been around the clothing care business most of my life. That’s because Swan Cleaners president and owner, Paul Gelpi is my step-father. While you may have talked politics or sports around the dinner table, we discussed dry cleaning and clothing care. I also worked in the business for many years from counter person as a teenager, up to Communications Director and Vice President after college.

I now stay home with my kids, and work as a free-lance writer. I am thrilled to be back writing for Swan Cleaners. I look forward to learning and sharing all sorts of facts and insider information about fashion and clothing. What woman doesn’t love clothes? Of course, we won’t leave the men out. Our topics will apply to men and women. We all want to look our best!

At the start of each month, we’ll feature a fashion or fabric hot topic. Please check back soon to stay in the know on what to wear and how to care for all of your beautiful clothes!