January Germs


Welcome to cold and flu season! We all know about washing our hands frequently to keep the germs away, but what about the clothes we wear, or the bedding we sleep in?

Studies indicate the most of us wash our sheets about every two weeks. Good thing, because almost every bed has dust mites. These microscopic creatures live, reproduce and die in the same sheets you sleep in. Gross.

But what about the comforter? They’re bulky and heavy, and usually won’t fit into our washing machine. If we can cram them in, they definitely aren’t getting clean. And what about a down comforter. What about these feathers? Is it washable? Can it go in the dryer? Where do we hang something so big? Often times, we just don’t bother.

Your best bet is to have your down comforters, bedspreads and quilts dry cleaned about every 3-6 months. We have large equipment to handle their care, and we have lots of space to make sure they dry properly. Feathers can clump and mildew if not fully dried.

What about your pillows? Your pillows absorb oil, sweat, dust and bacteria over time. Experts recommend cleaning your pillows at least once a year or replacing them every three years. Did you know that Swan cleans bed pillows? We’ll remove and sanitize the feathers, add more new ones if you need them, and replace the cover with a fresh new ticking. Your sinuses will thank you and you will have them looking and feeling like new.

Don’t forget about your clothes. Sleeves are covered in germs. We clean our shirts frequently, but what about blazers and winter coats? Think of the germs and bacteria they carry. Keep ‘em clean!
Speaking of which, how often do you have your neck ties or scarves cleaned? Probably only when you drip barbeque sauce on them, but consider the germs! Clean your ties and scarves – they’re right there near your face!

Consider this – The American Medical Association might ask doctors to stop wearing ties to work! Testing has shown high levels of pathogens and bacteria on over ½ of neck ties worn by doctors and medical staff. Think of how those ties dangle toward you when the doctor bends down for a consult. A ban may not be such a bad idea, or at least a mandatory cleaning!
The bad news is, those germs and bacteria are definitely out there, and just waiting to get you sick! The good news is that we can certainly do things to keep ourselves and our house clean and healthy.

By the way, that study on sheet cleaning also revealed that some bachelors admit to washing their sheets only once every six months! That’s a whole different blog.

For now, we wish you a clean, safe and healthy 2016.

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My name is Andra Gelpi Gillum. I’ll be your blogger. I’ve been around the clothing care business most of my life. That’s because Swan Cleaners president and owner, Paul Gelpi is my step-father. While you may have talked politics or sports around the dinner table, we discussed dry cleaning and clothing care. I also worked in the business for many years from counter person as a teenager, up to Communications Director and Vice President after college. I now stay home with my kids, and work as a free-lance writer. I am thrilled to be back writing for Swan Cleaners. I look forward to learning and sharing all sorts of facts and insider information about fashion and clothing. What woman doesn’t love clothes? Of course, we won’t leave the men out. Our topics will apply to men and women. We all want to look our best! At the start of each month, we’ll feature a fashion or fabric hot topic. Please check back soon to stay in the know on what to wear and how to care for all of your beautiful clothes!