The Best Damn Dry Cleaner in the Land

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For over 30 years, Swan Cleaners has been proud to be the official dry cleaners for “The Best Damn Band in the Land,” the Ohio State University Marching Band. It is up to us to make sure that each uniform looks great for every game.

It doesn’t matter if the band is performing in Columbus, travelling to Los Angeles for the Rose Bowl, or if the band is making a historic trip to Arlington, Texas for the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship Game. We have the band looking sharp from head to toe for every Buckeye game.

When all 225 of TBDBITL’s uniforms come into Swan Cleaners, we inspect every minor detail of the uniform. Everything from the belts to each button on every uniform gets inspected. If a button is missing, it gets replaced. If a rip is found, it gets sewn up. If a zipper is broken, it gets replaced.

Every pair of pants is placed into one professional pressing machine and all of the jackets go into another. Once each piece of the uniform is cleaned, including the iconic white belt that is worn on the jacket, the uniform is pressed and is ready for gameday!

Football season is a very busy time of the year for us in Columbus, but we are proud to put our expertise in practice for the most iconic marching band in all of College Football!

“When I see those Ohio State band members take the field, I look down and think, ‘we did everyone of those uniforms.’ I’m very proud of that,” Swan Cleaners Owner Paul Gelpi said.

Watch the feature below from NBC 4 on our dry cleaning of the OSU marching band uniforms!